VISION Pure Gospel Network Inc. is an inter-generational Christ centered not for profit Internet Mission Church. A network of believers from many different backgrounds who are passionate about reaching out to others. That’s why we call it, Your voice in the wilderness!

MISSION The ministry of PGN is focused on developing and encouraging Christian leaders in the faith. It’s not about building a brick and mortar ministry organization but to promote personal and ministry growth within each of our members. The result of which is effective Christian outreach to the world. 

ABOUT Pure Gospel Network does not have a brick or mortar building. It is made up of “ministry partners” from different churches, denominations and cities. We operate much like the Early Church in that we combine our resources for the purpose of spreading the Gospel and creating a culture of discipleship. We are celebrating 20+ years of an online presence, one of the first “Cyber Churches” that started as an Evangelistic outreach and remains true to our calling today. There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Most High. Psalm 46:4 (ESV) “We are but one of those streams.   

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Rev. Kevin & Liz Raihala

From the streets to the sanctuary Kevin & Liz have skillfully brought the Word of God to many by creating an atmosphere of worship through music and the spoken Word. Rev Kev Revivalist, Liz is a Psalmist & skillful Minstrel. Kevin Preaching the Word of God and Liz instructing generations how to perfect their gift of music.

Kevin has hosted an online church since 1998. Today our PGN Mission Church webcast stream flows 24 hours a day. “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God. The holy habitation of the most high.” This is found in Psalm 46:4. We are but one of those streams. Together our prayers and worship make up that river.

PGN Webcasts both excerpts and entire worship services for the listening pleasure of our participants. There is regular preaching, teaching, music and prayer. All designed to make disciples of those who listen in. We believe the highest praise is to echo the heart of God and you to are invited to listen in.

If you need to chat or pray with someone? Click the message button on our PGN Facebook Page. Prayer requests come in here from around the world and we would like to pray with you too. We also have a convenient 24-hour prayer hot line at 218-461-0164.

Please note that all music played on PGN is worship live or recorded live originating from our sanctuary.  Inspired participants, skilled minstrels and palmists may worship for hours at a time. This is not music for performance or entertainment but done in excellence for and before our God. You are invited to join in what we call multitude worship.

Supporting our internet mission church empowers you to reach out to the entire world and speak to a wider audience. This stream is literally available around the world that is why we call this outreach your voice in the wilderness. Your support keeps the good news or pure gospel streaming around the world. Internet streaming of our webcasts, called the new media, often times has much higher quality streams than cd’s or even radio. Internet streaming, in our case, an internet mission church has the fastest growing audience of any media today. There are 4.1 billion souls on the internet as of December 2018.  PGN Internet Mission Church has 24-hour global exposure preaching the gospel which is the Good News. Combined with streams of inspired music often times live worship originating from our sanctuary to yours that will comfort and inspire the soul. Therefore, allowing you to become closer to God, by allowing that often time depressed need inside to be fulfilled in doing so.

As a couple we have literally been local missionaries by every sense of the word. Helping many to understand the word of God, hands on remodeling of a residential duplex and church bldg, visited hundreds of homes, helped develop a street ministry that resulted in a church plant in the center of the city. Lifelong faithful participants in community outreaches and church events. Involved regardless of denomination. Ephesians 4:12 best describes their past 30 years of service “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” We are ready to help facilitate and develop your God given vision for ministry and assist in fulfilling the Great Commission.

I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God. Until we meet, greetings and blessings to the church that meets at your house.

Blessings, Kevin & Liz Raihala