The Man, The Woman, & The Word


Aishah and Jeff contacted our office asking if we were interested in promoting their latest video series “The Man, The Woman, & The Word”. Their desire is to let other’s know what they found in Jesus and the Bible and to change the culture through media and music. We are honored to be able to help them spread the Good News! That is our mission to be “Your voice in the wilderness” broadcasting to thousands around the world.

This couple is very very talented. I am looking forward to hear more of what they have to say. To understand more about who they are and what they do we have published their BIOs with links to some of their work. It is evident that their passion is guided by God’s Spirit. We will also be broadcasting their audio on PGNRadio. Thank you Aisha & Jeff for partnering with PGN to be a voice in the wilderness. RevKev

Aishah_Walker-BrownAishah Walker-Brown is a writer, director and producer from Fort Lauderdale, FL. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism at Florida A&M University. She has worked as a producer and cinematographer for the short documentary, “Black on Black Crime” in 2014.

Aishah has been writing short stories and poems ever since middle school and continued throughout her college career. When she graduated from FAMU in 2014, Aishah decided to pursue movies and TV shows that would spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Aishah now lives in Orlando, Florida where she is earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in film production at Full Sail University. She has written, directed and produced the short film A shed of Light in 2016  and is also the co-host for the web series The Man, The Woman, & The Word.

Jeff_WilliamsJeffrey Lloyd Williams Jr., formerly known as Lord Have Mercy, the youngest member of the Sling Shot Movement, has become a chief cornerstone in the ministry and has allowed his passion for Christ to be displayed through his music. As a Youngstown, Ohio native, he overcame the adversary and obstacles the enemy had intended to cripple him. Raised by a single mother in a lethal society, God’s grace shielded him from the ills that often come when involved in the hip hop culture. After giving his live to Christ, he took his passion for rap music and infused it with biblical principles and fundamentals. When Sling Shot Media Group LLC Founder, Yaves Ellis, heard his lyrical ability, he offered to take him under his wing, through guidance and mentorship. Jeffrey Lloyd Williams seized the opportunity and has been allowing God to transform and mature him both in gifting and in spirit.

Against all odds Jeffrey was blessed with an opportunity to go college. And while he was in college he started to focus in more on his Word and started a web series using his gift of ministry and music called Bars For Eternity which is still active today. (This is the first and last episode done in Bars For Eternity)

After graduating From Rio Grande University He was able to leave his mark on the college

As for now, he is pursuing his master’s degree in Film Production at Full Sail University. And continues to strive to become everything that God created Him to be.

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