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PGN is supported 100% by generous tax deductible donations from caring people like you. Donations fund our world internet mission efforts, missionaries, outreaches, as well as local mission efforts. We thank you in advance for becoming a Ministry Partner with PGN!


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Pure Gospel Network Inc.

Pure Gospel Network Inc. is an inter-generational Christ centered not for profit Internet Mission Church. A network of believers from many different backgrounds who are passionate about reaching out to others. That’s why we call it, Your voice in the wilderness!

The ministry of PGN is focused on developing and encouraging Christian leaders in the faith. It’s not about building a brick and mortar ministry organization but to promote personal and ministry growth within each of our members. The result of which is effective Christian outreach to the world. 

Celebrating 20 years of ministry online. 1998-2018

PGN Mission Church - Duluth, Minnesota

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PGN Internet Mission Church Streams have a clear focus, proclaiming to others a Gospel (Good News) that equips, empowers and enables, through podcasting 24 hour Prayer, Praise & Preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are literally reaching the ends of the earth.  Fulfilling prophecy by exporting multiple digital streams of the Gospel to the nations. We are now reaching out through the final wilderness in radio,the internet. I see listeners online from Costa Rica, Spain, Thailand, UK, some from Sudan, Ukraine, it differs every day. Recent statistics show there are thousands of listeners representing 65 different countries that frequent our internet radio station. The potential is virtually unlimited. Today there are more than 3 Billion internet users. Rev. Kev has had an online mission outreach since 1998!

This is a transcript of a voice mail left this year by one of our listeners; “Hello PGN how are you. I am blessed by your Church internet stream. Keep up the fantastic work. Your prophecies have rocked my being in a positive way.”

The listener numbers are growing through word of mouth, Twitter (Nine Thousand Plus Followers), Facebook (One Thousand Plus Fans), TuneIn Radio (One Thousand Plus) & YouTube (160 Subscribers) . I have come to realize there are Christians around the world that for one reason or another cannot worship freely as we do and hunger after true worship and the prophetic word for today.

These are Christians who through persecution, intimidating cultural norms or lack of resources are starving because of the lack of the written or spoken Word of God. Their ability to worship freely and express themselves to God has been subdued due to fear. Some locations stream PGN in their homes or sanctuary 24 hours a day just for the atmosphere it brings. This is because all music played on PGN Internet Mission Church Streams is worship, live or recorded live, originating from our sanctuary. Inspired participants, skilled minstrels  & psalmists may worship for several hours at a time. This is not music for performance or entertainment but done in excellence for and before our God. You are encouraged to join in what we call multitude worship.

Missions supported by PGN

  • Global Christian Ministry Forum International
  • World Vision Sponsor a child program
  • Justice House of Prayer Washington D.C. The Jacobson Family

Bridge City Music Festival - Virginia, Minnesota

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Bridge City Music Festival was started with the intention of bridging gaps. While inspired by the new bridge going up on the east side of town, the real bridges we desire to build are within the community, using music as the footpath and the grace and love of Christ as the supports. We are non-denominational, non-traditional and non-judgmental. Our hope is that people of all walks of life would feel welcome to come, enjoy awesome music, a professional show and meet incredible people in the process in a totally family friendly environment. Come have a blast with us. See you there!

Living Stones Network - Hibbing, Minnesota

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The LSN Building is an Christian Activity Center located downtown Hibbing Minnesota on 212 East Howard Street. “It is our desire to recreate a market place environment on Howard Street that will draw young people and family activity to the area”. This Market place Ministry also has an online School of Ministry.

Worship In The Wilderness - Orr, Minnesota

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Worship is the Wilderness is an opportunity for musicians of all skill levels to come together in a single purpose – to join in worshipping God amidst His creation. The back drop is the Ash River, just outside Voyageurs National Park, on the property of Ash-Ka-Nam Resort. Bring your favorite worship songs, instrument(s) and your voice. It doesn’t matter what your denomination is as this is open to all who will come. The goal is to make a joyful noise to the Lord (Psalms 95:1). Audience participation is encouraged, just remember to bring a chair.

Rev. Kev & Liz Raihala - Duluth, Minnesota


From the streets to the sanctuary Kevin & Liz have skillfully brought the word of God to many by creating an atmosphere of worship through music. Life long faithful participants in community outreaches. Capable ministers at special events, midweek or Sunday services. They hold regular prayer and worship meetings. Subscribe to the PGN Newsletter to find out where and when the next one will be.

Churches & Businesses that support PGN outreaches

Good Hope Church, Cloquet, Minnesota –
Living Stones Fellowship, Side Lake, Minnesota –
Hope United Methodist, Duluth, Minnesota –

Ash-Ka-Nam Resort, Orr, Minnesota –


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