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How does this global discipleship forum work

This forum is open to all who seek the truth in the Gospel found in the Christian Bible. It will have teachers, disciples and visitors. I would invite you to be a teacher. In turn you invite your disciples thus the forum grows.

You can get to know and minister to others world wide as they join in sharing wisdom, experience and inspiration. You may even use it with bible study or youth groups you already have which will grow as others join in. Or if you simply want to join in on a discussion that is okay too.

With the internet we are not limited to distance. This is something you can access from home or even on your phone. Keep in touch with your disciples! I plan on starting with about 12 teacher / moderators. The only rule is to keep it civil and respect one another. [no hate speak]. Well that's three, but you get the idea.

Register, check it out, look around and let me know what you think. I am always open to suggestions and want to make this communication tool fit your needs. Leave me a post in the "Private Group Discussion" area.  -RevKev